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Where are you Val?!?!?!?

I am right here!!!

Life has been a bit hectic…I mean ALOT hectic!  If you aren’t a follower of mine on  Facebook  and Instagram then you may not know that I am expecting a baby boy!!!!!

curls2envy baby boyLook mom ^^ lol

I am currently 5 months along and I am due in December 😉

target baby

I will keep you all updated 😉 ♥

Regarding my hair… It’s growing ooo it is growing and getting annoying.

hair shrinkage

and last but no least…. I may add Shea Butter to my staple list.


Thank you all for the continued support and love

xoxo- Val


What have you been up to?

It feels like forever since I’ve posted something! I am sorry guys, just been super busy lately.

School: I started school up again recently and it has been taking up all of my time even though it is only ONE class. O how I dislike you A&P. I decided that maybe radiology is not for me. I know I want to work in a hospital but I am unsure where yet.

Work:  Last week my sony camera broke, so I was forced to buy a new camera..a Canon T3i At first I was a bit hesitant and kind of regretted it for a slight second. BUT I am glad I purchased it. I took some pictures today of my new headband collection and they look like they were professionally taken.

Life:  I might be attending be attending a hair event in April. I was asked to be a panelist so I accepted.Loving My Natural Self VIEW 2

……………..besides that I am thinking of filming my next video soon. What should it be about?

Weekend Recap

Dear Weekend, Why o why must you depart so quickly?! Answer me!!


Saturday 11.10

Snoopy below sporting some left over fabric lol

Pipo needs a new cage.. like yesterday!

JeanCarlos♥ thinking he is fly. #mom-in-law B-day dinner

Sunday 11.11-

I decided to visit a new church today. Northland in Longwood, FL

Went to target after church to kill some time….smh bought a pair of shoes on clearance $8.00!!

Then……SUSHI! yum

I hope you all have a great week ahead!

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