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Back to Dark Brown

I got tired of the red. My hair was just looking crazy. My ends were red due to a combination of henna and red hair dye and my roots were a mix of salt and pepper because of my lovely grays. Plus….my ends looked very dry and unhealthy because of the lighter color.

Last week I purchase 2 boxes of Garnier Nutrisse 30 Dark Brown.

Garnier nuctrisse darkest brown

***NOTE: Please stretch/detangle hair before coloring….. you will thank me later(lol). Detangling after the fact was hell!!!

My ends took a little bit darker than the roots, but over all I am really digging this color..Then again how could I not. My natural hair is dark brown. It will take a lil getting used to since I’ve been a red head for 3 years now. I know it looks almost black so we’ll see if it lightens up after a few washes.

garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30

PS. This is an over night twistout with CoilyHeadChick Ultimate Hair Treat and Oyin Sugar berry pomade.


So tell me what your thoughts are on the new hue. ūüėČ

My Hair Crush/Twin

Sophina Brown

This is how I think my hair would look once it is longer.  I ♥ this!

QOTD: What hair color do you use?

I get this question ALOT.. in person, in forums and in dreams…lol im joking about the last one.

I need to take you on a lil color journey before I answer the question, but before that I want to say that I dye my hair because my hair is 20% grey. Yes you read correctly, I’ve had silver strands since 17. They seem to multiply every year.


My natural hair color is Dark brown almost black

Relaxed hair. long in front and less than an inch in the back.

I have ALWAYS loved red/burgundy hair. So when I decided to go natural I decided that since I wasn’t dealing with the chemicals from relaxers it was ok for me to start dying my hair without the double effects of both. So I went to sally’s and picked 2 colors and mixed them.

The colors where¬†L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Magenta &¬†L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Intense Red (see below)

^^hair looks limp because of EcoStyler (protein ekk)^^

I was was feeling the color but not the dryness and the quick fading.

I then decided to experiment with Henna. Mind you.. this was before knowing that I was protein-sensitive.

Henna acts like a protein.

a week after henna

I personally do not like henna for the simple fact that is does act like a protein making my hair feel super dry/tangles. Plus my hair had a copper color to it…nope didn’t like it.

I’ve read in a few place that you aren’t suppose to dye over henna¬†using a permanent¬†because it’ll turn green, blah, blah. Well I was not going to have tri-colored hair and big chop was in an option. YUP I dyed over the henna, did it turn green or had any ill effects? NO

That color was and has been…dun dun dun….

Garnier Nutrisse Medium Intense Auburn for Dark Hair (R2)

I freaking love this color! My curls felt great after using it. The red popped big time.

The day after I dyed it.

What I really like about it is that  the red on my non hennaed hair almost matches my natural dark hair..weird right. Obviously the ends remain brighter because that is were the henna remains until its trimmed of over time. I have no complaint about this hair dye.

After this post I better be able to find some on the shelf. ūüėČ

OAN..these greys are disrespectful!! I need a touch up soon.



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