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I love a good hair day!

great hair day

great hair dayThis is how I wore my hair last Sunday to church. I am very satisfied! Starting to think that the combo of products I used are a hit!

Combo used.. CoilyHeadChick Ultimate Hair Treat, Kinky-CurlyCurling Custard, and Jane Carter Solution Solution Nourish and Shine

Twistout products Revealed!

Finally I can share with you what I have been using over the past week to achieve my super defined twist out!

Here they are…

defined twistoutFor my initial twistout I used just the Reve Essentials on freshly washed hair. That twist out came out eh. After a few days of rocking that I decided to re-twist again but this time I wanted to seal my hair after I applied the leave in product(reve). Below you will see how my hair looked with just the Reve in it.

DSC00308 DSC00316

The day after these picture I retwisted. I sprayed my hair with water, applied reve essentials then sealed with JC nourish and shine. When I unraveled my twist I was left with super defined moisturized twist out. That is when I decided to tease you all on facebook. lol

DSC00356 DSC00365 DSC00395 DSC00390

If I am not mistaken I wore this twist out for about 2 days before I washed my hair so I could re-test these products to make sure that it was not just a one time wonder. What I love about this combo is that after MINUTES of having the twist in I unraveled one to twist it again and look! it was already taking form.


I put in small/medium twist that it why my hair looks more defined.DSC00423DSC00456DSC00460I kept the twist in for about 2 days.  I don’t think I’ll do that again. (For some reason, I can not leave in twist for more than a day or not my hair will start to feel dry and it gets knotty). I undid them last night after getting home.

DSC00468 DSC00504

Don't mind my ends in the front. They are damaged from Henna. Cutting them little by little

Don’t mind my ends in the front. They are damaged from Henna. Cutting them little by little

I pineappled my hair last night and took this shot this morning.

DSC00539Things I would do diffently next time are: Apply an actual leave -in like CJ smoothing lotion or CHC ultimate hair treat before applying reve . Make bigger twist. Not leave twist in for more than a day.

Thanks for reading!!!


Do you have a combination of products that give you fabulous twist outs? Rave about them in the comments below!

Twist n Curl after As I Am fail

Immediately after I posted my last post, I washed and detangled my hair in order to start fresh on my weekend hairstyle. I washed with CON Argan oil shampoo and detangled with Gvp Conditioning balm. I then parted my hair into 4 quarters and distributed  some SheaMoisture sheabutter LI in each section.

sheamoisture leave-in

I sealed with a little bit of argan oil and applied some Xtreme Wetline gel to each little section before I started twisting.

I ♥ this gel for my edges when doing buns!!

I ♥ this gel for my edges when doing buns!!

**If using this gel for twisting… Please be light handed. Unlike me I added a lil too much when I started twisting and the section turned white. Took a long time to absorb into my hair. So don’t use a lot.**

I stopped twisting before I reach the ends. I can not remember how many 2 strand twist I did, but I added a perm rod to the end of each one.

DSC00059Recently I have been using my hooded dryer to speed up the drying process but I’ve noticed that my crown dries and my ends remain wet. So I decided to pile all my twist on the top of my head and wrapped a hair net around them like so.

DSC00029I found that this helped my ends rather than letting them hang while the rest of my hair dried quickly. There is one thing that I hate about twistouts, braid outs ect., and that is waiting for my hair to completely dry before unraveling. So I ended up taking the twist down before they were 100% dry lol smh!!

DSC00060Any who… My ends looked silky and smooth. As for the rest of my hair.. I think it could have been better.


In the morning my hair was dry the whole way but I was left with some frizz in the crown section (the problem child)




This was my final look for the day

DSC00194 DSC00195I know for next time to let my hair dry 100%…I’m just sooooo impatient!! lol  My twist out lasted for about 2-3  then I put my hair in a bun until I got my Reve’ Essentials in the mail*wink

Day 3 and still going strong!!

Day 3 and still going strong!!

Overall the only 2 things that I would change for the future is not applying to much get to each section and letting my hair dry completely to reduce frizz.

 Have a great weekend!!


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