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New items at YnVe Couture

This post is for those who do not have facebook that follow my blog.

I’ve added some goodies to my boutique in the past week or so.

Oversized MicroFiber Hair towels

microfiber hair towel

microfiber hair towel

Blossom Hair clips in 11 colors

blossom hair clip

blossom hair clip blossom hair clip blossom hair clipblossom hair clip blossom hair clip blossom hair clip blossom hair clipblossom hair clip blossom hair clip blossom hair clip

Stay tuned for more 😉 Thanks in advance for supporting my blog.♥

My Handmade Slouchy Beanies…Satin lined!!!

If you have me on Facebook, you most likely have seen that I have been on a mission working on a new project for my online boutique La Perla Boutique.

About 3 weeks ago I decided to experiment with crochet and I ended up loving it. I started off with making some hair bows but decided that I wanted a bigger challenge. I tried to make my lil bro a hat from a pattern that I saw online and it came out to big. But it fit me perfectly.

I posted a photo on facebook asking everyone if it was nice enough to add to my boutique and I got wonderful feed back. Only problem is that I knew that the initial beanie would not fit everyone…so that is where my mission started.

I spent the next 3 days creating my own pattern where the beanie would have enough space to fit other peoples hair. After hours of long concentration and frustration I finally achieved what I wanted.

My slouchy beanies are made of soft yarn. The headband has an elasticity feature to fit any size head. Did I mention there is a satin lining option?  Yes!

 As you may know Satin is a very smooth material that allows your head to move easily across its surface, thus avoiding the friction and damage that may be caused by cotton. Satin can also prevent “frizz” and will prevent split ends, hair loss and will protect the hair root and hair shaft.

Here are all the colors that I will have available

Black Slouchy Beanie

Brown Slouchy Beanie

Gold Slouchy Beanie

Gray Slouchy Beanie

Light Pink Slouchy Beanie

Sage Slouchy Beanie

Teal Slouchy Beanie

Watermelon Slouchy Beanie

White Slouchy Beanie

Wine Slouchy Beanie

Navy Blue Slouchy Beanie

If all goes well this week  they will be made available for purchase this Saturday Nov 3rd @

Intro pricing for unlined is $15 and satin lined $20. **Intro pricing will expire once they are all sold out.

I will do my best to restock my store every 2 weeks and because of the “made-to-order” nature of the beanies, please allow at least 2 weeks before I ship.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am!!


I can not thank EboniCurls, my ♥ JeanCarlos and my mother Maria enough for their tips, support and help!

And the Ebonnet Winners are….

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