About Me

My name is Val. I have been natural for 3 years. My whole life I was told that I had unruly unmanageable hair…  In 2009 I decided that it was time to see what my REAL hair looked like after seeing some of my new growth curl up when I washed it.  My last relaxer was on 4/23/09.. It has been a long hard journey. Once I thought I had everything down packed with the “Curly girl method”, I discovered that something still was not right. My hair started feeling super dry and straw like. Well ladies, as if caring for curly hair isn’t hard enough, I discovered I am protein- sensitive as well. So right now I am on a journey to find what works best for my hair sans protein.

I hope this blog is able to help protein- sensitive and regular curly heads alike!

Before with relaxed hair

After going curly

  1. Valerie,

    I just posted a link to La Perla Boutique in my latest blog and tweet.


  2. Your eyebrows are great, do you use some sort of brow powder/pencil?

  3. You are gorgeous and your curls are, too!!

  4. Blog? Wow!!! Anyways, I like your (before) relax hair!

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