N.O.T.W : Aquamarine Glitz


Nail. Of. The. Week


I am soooo excited about this look. Why? I don’t really know..I just am!!!

My inspiration was my boyfriends mother who is a nail tech and she did a similar look a few months ago. The difference is that the glitter she used was an actual nail polish, but I decided to replicate the look on my own nails but kinda D.I.Y

The nail polish that was used to achieve the aquamarine color was L’oreal Not a cloud in sight. This shade is SUPER nice!! Not too blue and not too green, just the right shade for me.  I purchased it for $4.98 at Walmart vs. $8.00 at Walgreens -_-

l'oreal not a cloud in sightI applied 3 light coats to get the perfect coverage and added 2 coats of top coat to 4 of my 5 nails. My ring finger nail was left bare until all my nails dried.

l'oreal not a cloud in sight, glitter nailsNow comes the fun yet messy part…

-You will need a top coat

-Fine glitter. (I bought my fine glitter at Joanns, but I am sure this can be found anywhere.)

-Little brush to brush off excess glitter off nail

– Piece of paper or paper towel to catch loose glitter

-Plastic spoon or some type of utensil to sift/pour the glitter onto the nail

I applied a light coat of top coat on my bare nail then poured the glitter on the wet polish making sure that the nail was well covered. I then brushed off the excess glitter off the skin and nail. Once the polish and glitter were dried I applied another coat of polish and repeated the process. Finally I added one more layer of top coat to seal the deal. So  it was top coat, glitter, top coat, glitter and top coat again…Try not to touch the nail until fully dry or the glitter will clump to one side.

l'oreal not a cloud in sight

Clean up… I took the piece of paper where the glitter fell, folded it and poured the glitter back into its container. (Please if you need to sneeze..sneeze away from the working area. TRUST ME!)

l'oreal not a cloud in sight

I am just in LOVE with how this turned out. I really like how light bounces off the glitter.


I would love to here your thoughts on this look! Do you like it? Why or why not? Would you rock it?!


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  1. How cute!!That color is gorgeous and the glittered nail;just tops it off!You make me wanna do my nails!

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