What have you been up to?

It feels like forever since I’ve posted something! I am sorry guys, just been super busy lately.

School: I started school up again recently and it has been taking up all of my time even though it is only ONE class. O how I dislike you A&P. I decided that maybe radiology is not for me. I know I want to work in a hospital but I am unsure where yet.

Work:  Last week my sony camera broke, so I was forced to buy a new camera..a Canon T3i At first I was a bit hesitant and kind of regretted it for a slight second. BUT I am glad I purchased it. I took some pictures today of my new headband collection and they look like they were professionally taken.

Life:  I might be attending be attending a hair event in April. I was asked to be a panelist so I accepted.Loving My Natural Self VIEW 2

……………..besides that I am thinking of filming my next video soon. What should it be about?

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  1. Glad to see you back, blogging again. I have the same camera. I love it!! You will enjoy recording movies on it. The clarity is insane!


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