Back to Dark Brown

I got tired of the red. My hair was just looking crazy. My ends were red due to a combination of henna and red hair dye and my roots were a mix of salt and pepper because of my lovely grays. Plus….my ends looked very dry and unhealthy because of the lighter color.

Last week I purchase 2 boxes of Garnier Nutrisse 30 Dark Brown.

Garnier nuctrisse darkest brown

***NOTE: Please stretch/detangle hair before coloring….. you will thank me later(lol). Detangling after the fact was hell!!!

My ends took a little bit darker than the roots, but over all I am really digging this color..Then again how could I not. My natural hair is dark brown. It will take a lil getting used to since I’ve been a red head for 3 years now. I know it looks almost black so we’ll see if it lightens up after a few washes.

garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30 garnier nutrisse darkest brown 30

PS. This is an over night twistout with CoilyHeadChick Ultimate Hair Treat and Oyin Sugar berry pomade.


So tell me what your thoughts are on the new hue. 😉

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  1. Do you think it colored well over the henna?

  2. It looks so healthy! And completely covered the red. I love dark hair. And your wash n go is beautiful as always!

  3. Your curls are gorgeous! I love the dark brown color. Does the dye affect your hair in any way? (dryness, breakage, etc.) My hair is naturally a dusty brown color and I really want to dye it black. I’m just a little nervous about the dye.

    • Thank you! I’ve been dying my hair red for like 3 years now. I experienced dryness where I had hennaed previously(because of the protein), but the part where I just had the red from the box was fine. I have not experienced any breakage. If i see any change I will let you know. I am hoping that the color lightens just a lil. My sister dyed hers black and she loves it.

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