Reppin’ “Team Natural”

Last week I came across a thread on one of the forums titled “White girls now reppin’ “team natural”. o_O. The creator of the post stated “i think it’s funny. like, daaaaang can’t we have anything to ourselves?! geez!”

Before I even start writing please know that even though this is a rant, I mean no disrespect nor harm to anyone. These are my opinions and my experiences.


Now, I am not white nor black. I am Puerto Rican 100%. It gets under my skin when I am told ” Girl you ain’t never had a relaxer” or “You don’t know what breakage is” ….As a matter of fact yes I have and yes I do.  I used to get relaxers every other month from 4 grade up to 2009.  In my 10th grade year my hair broke so bad in the crown that I had to get a super short pixie.

I remember telling my friends in school that I needed a touch up and they would look at me like I was crazy. knew.  A few years back when I decided to “go natural”  it was a super exciting journey that I was looking forward to, but the thing is my definition of natural was not just curly non relaxed hair. It was hair that was not chemically altered.

If you start to think of what falls under “non chemically altered” hair you’ll see that many people fall under this category.

For Example:

  • Anyone who stopped perming his/her hair = Natural Straight hair
  • Anyone who no longer relaxes his/her hair = Natural Curly, Kinky, Coily, Wavy hair
  • Anyone who no longer straightens his/her hair with heat = Natural Wavy,Curly Kinky, Coily hair
  • Anyone who no longer dyes their hair = Natural hair color

You see. “Natural Hair” is not just for “one” group of people. It’s for all who wear their hair in its “natural” state. I am just sick and tired of getting the side-eye (because I am Hispanic) when I tell people that I consider my self a natural.

I hope this post did not offend anyone. Please post your thoughts below. 


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  1. First off, I love yout curls! These are my thoughts EXACTLY! I’m white and I used to perm my hair (its slightly wavy naturally) and color it (I have nothing against coloring) but now I’m what I would call “natural” and have been for years, and I have 2 biracial girls (AA/CC) and keep their hair natural, I understand that the term is used for African -American hair and have no problem with that. I love all people and cultures. But if I’m not natural than what am I ? LOL.

    • 😉 Hi Reggie. Thank you for the compliment. People can call themselves what ever they want. It’s completely up to them what they want to call natural. For example, some say that if your hair is naturally curly and you color then your still natural but some beg to differ. Whether I color or not I am still natural because the hair dye is not altering my curl pattern (hope that makes sense) It just gets under my skin when comments are made like the one in the post. Thanks for commenting ♥

  2. I completely agree with you! To be honest, some people are just looking at the skin color. I am light skinned with green eyes but I am Dominican… I usually get confused for being “White”. People have made certain comments about the “white girl” trying to be natural. It used to bother me but it no longer phases me. My hair DOES NOT discriminate; I have curly, wavy and coily hair (lol). I relaxed and texturized my hair in the past because I wasn’t comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state. It took a long time for me to accept…but hey it’s better now than never! Love this post girl 😉

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I read that post on the forum, I was a mixed bag of emotions. I’m black, but I know SO many women of different races and ethnicities who have struggled with naturally curly hair! I have a friend from China with a wave pattern similar to my sister’s. So, I get annoyed when some women act like black women are the only ones who have struggled with their hair. It’s hard to have hair with any amount of natural texture in it when bone straight is the norm and what’s pushed in the media.

    • Yes ma’am I am just tired of the negativity within the natural hair community. Like, straight hair does NOT only belong to Caucasians, wavy to Hispanics, ect. Your gonna find different hair textures mixed into different races and cultures.

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