WnG 3 days and counting…

If you have not read my first post about this wash and go, you could do so here

–> Back to my WnG<–

This might just be the best WnG I have ever done! My boyfriend was all up in my hair yesterday, and for the first time ever, I let him play in it with out worries that it was going to turn into a mess.

This is 3 day hair

Some of my ends look icky because I still have heat damaged ends.

Last night a re-moisturized. I sprayed my hair lightly with water and applied a little bit of  CJ Curl Rehab and sealed with a pea size of  Castor oil. Threw on my ebonnet and went to sleep. I did not pineapple because my hair was damp and I did not want the back to be stretched. In the morning I took down the bonnet and shaked. That’s all. I might be able to a bun done tomorrow before washing.


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  1. It’s cute! Perhaps you can do a vlog on your method, Thanks for sharing!

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