Back to my Wash n Go…

For the past 2-3 weeks I have not been wanting to deal with my hair. Since it’s getting longer, it’s becoming harder to manage. So I’ve done twist out’s, mini twist, high buns, low buns you name it. It wasn’t after yesterdays wash that I realized that my hair tends  to tangle more while it’s in a twist out than a wash and go. (I thought it was the opposite, since the hair is being stretched) o_O

Anywho…The last time I wore my hair in wash and go was…. um… yeah I can’t remember. Last night as I was fighting my hair in the shower (It was a TANGLED JUNGLE) I decided that I was going to just wash, apply a leave-in and just go about my day. I then remembered that the last time I did a so simple regimen, I was walking around looking like Don King.

If I was not going to be twisting my hair up I need to apply something with hold. But I did not want to have to go through the whole process of applying leave-in, sealing, smooth/shingle gel then diffusing. Just no.

My first initial thought was to air dry, but again my hair is super finicky. When I air dry I either get limp, thin anorexic looking curls or no curl pattern frizz…. I am telling you she isn’t easy to deal with.

This is what I ended up doing:

I washed with CON and detangled with Tresseme Naturals. My leave-in of choice was CJ Curl Rehab because I wanted to hurry up and use it up (did nothing for me as a DC). Sealed with a tiny bit of JC N&S. And for gel… I smoothed (NOT shingled)  a pea size of KCCC on each section. Yessss a pea size. Usually when I use KCCC in need to use a nice amount in order not to get any frizz.  Also guess what… I did not diffuse nor air-dried. (I can imagine the question look on your face lol)

I PLOPPED into a cotton t-shirt! A first. Well not a first try but a first success. I plopped for about 2 hours. When I let my hair down most of the products were soaked up and hair was about 85% dry. At night I pineappled and went to bed.

This morning when I took the pineapple down and took the pics my hair was still 90% damp. I fluffed a little and shaked. Then brung out the camera.

What did I learn?  I learned that I don’t need a TON of gel to get definition and hold and that cotton is not 100% my enemy.

We’ll see how it looks and feel once it’s completely dry. I hope I can get at least 3 days out of this wng.

Do you prefer for air dry, diffuse or plop? Why?


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  1. Funny that you mentioned that cotton isnt 100% your enemy. I’ve been working out in a cotton bonnet. Ive been calling it my workout bonnet. Why? Because cotton abosrbs moisture right! And I sweat alot. I attached a head band around thecircumference of the bonnet and it works wonders. So when in need of absorption cotton isnt 100% oru enemy!

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