I am so thankful and happy!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my excitement with you all…..

These past few weeks have been the best. I have been able to achieve so much in so little time. What started like a little hobby has turned out into something wonderful. Everyone is really liking my handmade items. Funny thing is I would think to myself “no one is going to buy this” lol.  Well I was very wrong.  For the Glory of God I was able to sell out of almost every single item on my boutique. I have received awesome feedback so far.  I am trying not to get overly excited about it though because who knows what can happen. Yet again I am just letting God do his thing.

On another note… I went to a very important interview today and guess what….

I got hired on the spot!  ahhhhhh.

lol  So yea I am just happy.  Happy happy joy joy!!

Talk you you guys in a few.

Posted on November 8, 2012, in Miscell.. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Congratulations!! That is UHMAYZING news, don’t hide your excitement. What’s the point in feeling/having joy if you can’t share it with others? 🙂

  2. Congrats girl!!! By the way I love your blog.

  3. Awwwwww, that is sooooo awesome!!!! Congratulations on all of your blessings and accomplishments lady!!

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