Experimenting with Mini Twist

 I have been so busy lately that I just dread the thought of having to wash and style my hair.  What takes me the most time is trying to gently detangle it.  Last week I purchased  some hair bungees from sally’s and have been bunning ever since.

I think they cost me 5 for $3.99.

Anyways. On Saturday I made my beanies available on my Boutique and for the Glory of God they all sold out!! Which means… I will be busy busy.. Which also means.. I have no time to be messing with my hair.

Yesterday was wash day and I decided to try something new. I put in mini twist in my hair which I am planning on leaving in until Thursday. I will wear my hair up on Thursday for a interview that I have then retwist at night.  Lets see how long they last.

I washed with CON argan oil shampoo. Used SheaMoisture Sheabutter leave in and sealed with my shea butter mix and castor oil at the ends. My hair was 80% air dry by the time I went to bed. I protect my hair with my trusty Ebonnet.

Just twisted

I hate how “scalpy” my twist can look

Hopefully I can make them last a bit because they took me what felt like a year to put in. lol

This is how I decided to wear my twist today.


What do you guys think?


Posted on November 5, 2012, in HairStyles. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Today will be my first time doing these. I hope they come out as pretty as yours.

  2. Your twists look so moisturised!
    Mine tend to look scalpy too; it’s so annoying -_- Do you have fine strands and/or a lower density of hair?

  3. They look great! I just put mini twists in my hair on Saturday and I LOVE THEM!

  4. I like it! I was just saying how I’m gonna to do this to my hair soon 🙂

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