Happy Birthday Curls2Envy!

Ahhh the day has arrived!  I am now 23rd years old and it is now starting to dawn on me that …well… I am really getting older. lol

I have no fancy plans for today. Clean the house, stop and get a free sub at Fire House Subs, yarn shopping at Joanns then take a 45 min drive to one of the best chinese buffets in Deltona with my boyfriend and family.

I fell asleep at 4:30am for no reason at all. Just watching a movie  on BET with my sister. As I laid in my bed waiting to drift of I started thinking to myself what I have accomplished in my 23rd year of life.  Well lets see.:

1. I was able to finish at Valencia Community College

2. I got accepted at Florida Hospital College of Health Science

3. I was able to stand up to people for once in my life and accept that “You know what, its ok to be different and not go with the flow”

4. I opened up my online boutique La Perla Boutique

5. Started my blog… your reading it .lol

6. Made a year with my boyfriend ♥

7. I helped bring my puppy(Pipo) to this world on 1/15/12

8. Was able to heal from the lost of my 11 year old dalmatian Pearl on 3/23/12

I miss you baby girl

9. Met a new good friend. she knows who she is

10. Hennaed my hair and learned from that mistake. lol

11. Took up Bass ♥

12. Painted my room

……..It may not seem like alot to you all but for me it is…..soo

Thank you God for another year of life. ♥


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie! I love your accomplishments and i wish you many many more 😉

  2. Happy Birthday, lady!!!!!! :0)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day and wishing you many more!

  4. strawberryletter22

    Happy happy happy birthday doll! God’s blessings to you!

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a blessed and wonderful day. Be proud of all of your accomplishments. Each accomplishment whether negative or positive will help you grow and mature further.


  7. Happy birthday, girl! Be proud of your accomplishment

  8. I am 60 years old and I think you are totally awesome. You have accomplished a great deal in 23 short years. You are very focused and have wisdom beyond your years. Your love and devotion to God is your true blessing. Don’t ever lose it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Continue to use the internet to share what God gives you.

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