I am back from the Expo!

Why in the world was I getting ready this morning like if I were going to make a guest appearance or something.lol

The Natural Hair & Beauty Expo was located at the Double Tree Hotel at Sea World Orlando. Took me about 45 mins to drive there.

I got there at 10:10am and left around 1pm or so. I only got to attend 1 workshop. I was planning on staying later but… I got bored after walking the floor about 5 times. Crazy right. Then again I attended alone.. I was expecting it to be a big thing since I have never been to one before.

Here are a few pics that I was able to take with my crappy camera… oo I cant wait till I get my Canon t3i. So I apologize in advance if some pics are blurry.

What I wore

Can you tell I am sucking it in  lol..My Body Magic isn’t really working here.LMBO

Dress: Thrift Store $6.99

Shoes: ShoeLand $15.99

Watch: Fossil $115

The Event


I had people left and right complimenting me on my hair, asking about what hair products I used. A handful of women asked me for a business card but um…yea. I had to write the website name on sticky notes…lol #ToDoList.. O and 2 girls recognized me!!.. (whispered to myself “Omg I’m famous”)  haha

Overall I had a nice time. I plan on attending many more in the future.  If you know of any events in the Orlando, Florida area just let me know.

See ya later

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