Today was just one of those days..Brief recap.

First of all. I had my whole day planned out to go nice and smooth….not!

Fail # 1   As soon as I got in the car to head to my 3pm hair appointment I realized that my AC was not working… #OrlandoHOT

Fail # 2 On my way to my destination I reached for my phone in my purse only to realize that I left it on my dresser #Unreachable

Fail # 3 After my trim, when I went to pay, my card was showing that it was not being accepted…after being swiped 4 times..nothing. Of course I reach for my cell to call BoA, but o Val you left your phone at home! The stylist realized that it may be the system do to the weather and not my card #NervousSweat #Unreachable # Cloudy

Fail # 4  I walk out the salon. Hair done. Still a bit damp but nice. o but wait, it started raining!! Pouring rain. #Hair Ruined

Fail # 5 Pulled my hair up into a bun. Drove to the mall. Went in, Out. Driving home…what is this breeze I feel. O man. 1 of my back windows did not go up. My sister opened the problem window…the one that does not go up on its own.. Did I mention it rain yet again while I was at the mall for an hour and a half #DrenchedSeat

…Story of my life

But on the other hand…..

#1 I got a great cut by my hair dresser Luisa Valdes at the Luma Salon (I’ll post pics on Sat from the Expo)

#2 I got some stuff.  MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer in NC35 & FREE stuff from VS…

FREE VS Angels Mist, The Body Mist & V-string


…….. I need to go exercise. Good night everyone!



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