CurlsUnite: A transitioning story

by Yulli of KreamyKurls
I haven’t been checking as frequently how far I’ve come in this transitioning process. So I decided to draw out my notebook and two calenders. One for 2011 and 2012. The verdict is I’m currently 1 year and 6 months post. :O couldn’t believe it, time definitely flies. I don’t have a recent texture picture but I will be placing a picture below to allow you guys to see one form of curl on my big head.
I never imagined that my hair would be like this. I always thought it would be like a big bush. But I suppose not. My journey wasn’t sweet in the beginning, it was Apl then got damaged and thinned. Then stretching turned into a transition. For a while I regretted starting a hair journey for I felt that was what damaged my hair. Before my hair was thick and bouncy and then I tried doing almost everything everyone was doing on youtube. I saw a video about no trims to retain length and that was one big contributor in the major damage. Splits had formed and travelled up the cuticle and it literally destroyed my mane.

But I actually believed it all happened to push me into going natural because I always loved natural hair even while relaxed/texlaxed. Since transitioning this is the longest my hair has ever been (BSB). I love it, even though my hair can be unpredictable and makes me feel like I want to throw a relaxer in it. I love it natural, I worked too hard to put a relaxer in it now. Thank you Jesus for helping me on this adventure.


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  1. Wow that;s me. Happy dance* 🙂

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