Val, how do get your brows done?

Question of the Day

Valerie how do you get your eyebrows done? Is that your natural arch? Do you fill them in?

I kid you not I’ve been asked these questions none stop since the 6th grade. I have to admit, when I was younger I had a unibrow…Yes haha laugh!  …thanks Dad.  I hated it.

Can you see it? lol

My eyebrows are naturally thick and arched. The thickness I get from my dad and the arch from my mom. I can say that they are the highlight of my face. Its like look at me… and BAM!! there they are  lol

When I first started to get them done, my brother-in-law would do them for me with one of those razors that the barbers used. I would get a clean look but the hairs would grow back super quick.  Then I started doing them myself with tweezers and a magnified mirror….smh..FAIL! lol I messed them up badly. Please take my advice: If you are using a mirror with magnification, please remember to pull away once in a while to check your brows..or you will get carried away.

When I started highschool I started to experiment with waxing. I would go to salons. they would come out jacked up.. So all through high school I would just tweez lightly to maintain a shape.. nothing big but I wasnt happy.

One day about 3 years ago while walking at the mall I discovered Threading. I sat there infront of the threading place “Brow Art” just mesmerized by the demo on the tv.  As soon as I got home I looked up YT videos because I wanted to learn like now! lol. I learned all right! Thank God for youtube.

I now alternate between threading: when I have time, waxing: quick fix & tweezing: to clean up.

Here some threading before and after pics

                                         Before                           &                                   After



I like threading because it so sooo precise. For me it’s at least. And I can go awhile without having to re-thread just tweezing in between.

I only fill them in when I have a lil bald spot from a mistake or if I am wearing heavy makeup ect.

My eyebrows are just another thing I ♥ about my face..maybe my favorite. lol


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  1. I love your eyebrows. I just started threading because the medication I use for my hormonal acne states not to wax. I love threading now…and getting use to the pain.

  2. Yeah, you have amazingly awesome eyebrows … perfect even if you didn’t tweeze/thread those few little stray hairs. Thanks for rubbing it in.


  3. Thanks very informative. Do you have any sites or video’s that you can recommend for us to learn & maybe that can be your first video tutorial topic! Just saying ??? Have a great day.

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