Daily Devotional: One More Night with the Frogs

One More Night with the Frogs

“Moses said to Pharaoh, ‘I leave to you the honor of setting the time for me to pray for you and your officials and your people that you and your houses may be rid of the frogs, except for those that remain in the Nile.’ ‘Tomorrow,’ Pharaoh said.”

(Exodus 8:9–10, NIV)

When the people of Israel were in slavery to Pharaoh, God sent different plagues to try to convince him to let them go. One of the plagues was a plague of frogs! The people were so miserable that Pharaoh finally said, “Moses, we’ve learned our lesson. The Israelites may go. Please ask your God to take away these frogs.” Moses said, “I’ll do it, Pharaoh. When do you want it to happen?” You would think Pharaoh would say, “Right now!” But no, Pharaoh said, “Take them away tomorrow.” He was saying, “We can put up with these frogs just one more night.”

How many times do we do the same thing? “I’m going to forgive, but I’m going to do it tomorrow. I’m going to have a better attitude. I’m going to quit worrying…tomorrow.” We’re saying like Pharaoh, “I can put up with this addiction, this mediocrity one more day.” No, our attitude should be, “I’m not going to spend one more night with the frogs, putting up with things that are not God’s best.”

Why don’t you start today? Today, make the change. Today, choose to forgive. Today, stop worrying. Today, get in shape. Today, take a step of faith. Shake off passivity and procrastination and get rid of anything that would hold you back!


Father in heaven, today I choose to release everything that has tried to hold me back. I release the past; I release bitterness; I release failures and missed opportunities. Instead, I embrace Your grace and power to boldly move forward into the blessing You have for me in Jesus’ name! Amen.


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  1. I saw your comment to Shelli about her 1M+ views and clicked on your name to get a better view of your gorgeous mane and to my surprise, I got more than what I was looking for originally. You see, I have an insanely irrational fear of frogs. So much so, that it kind of rules my life. Where I will go, what time, etc. I am pretty much a basket case until the colder months. I have been looking for ways to rid myself of this fear, so when I saw this title, I clicked it thinking that someone else shares my pain. Well, bay-bay, that post spoke to me on so many levels! I have been saved for a long time, so I don’t worry about my eternity, but I have often said, that I don’t want God to look at me with disappointment and say, “I gave you such a beautiful life. Why did you waste it?” I haven’t just been a slave to my fear of frogs. I’ve been a slave to a fear of living as well! That fear has bred a spirit of procrastination, inadequacy, depression and low self-esteem. I know I need to lose weight, but I am afraid that the life I think I could have won’t manifest, so I don’t try. I have two post graduate degrees, yet I work a mediocre job because I am afraid I don’t really know how to do anything. What’s even worse is that I know these are all lies, but it is so much easier to waste away in dreamland than to actually live. So, tell you what I am going to do! I am going to print this out and put it on my mirror so that I am forced to read it everyday! Thank you for sharing this. I needed to realize that THIS is the day because no one promised me tomorrow! I apologize for dumping all of this on your page, but that post really did a number on me! Thank you again!

    • I thank God that he was able to speak to you today!!! Thank you for stopping by and no need to apologize for “dumping” anything on my I enjoyed reading it. Thanks again!!! ♥

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