Want to be on Curls2Envy?!

Would you like to be featured on Curls2Envy?  Then, why not submit one of the following … or all of them for that matter?

  • HAIRSTORIES – Tell me about your hair story! Please use the HairStory form that can be found here. Fill it out and email it to Curls2Envy@gmail.com.
  • STYLES – Submit pictures of your signature style, complete with instructions for the rest of us!  Any length hairstyle is welcomed.
  • RECIPES (hair & body)– Do you have a great DIY item or homemade recipe or remedy! Send me a picture tutorial or a YouTube video of your style, project or recipe. Please use the subject, “Tutorial.”
  • REVIEWS – Have you tried an amazing or absolutely horrendous product, tool or accessory? Do you have a holy grail product that just doesn’t get enough rave? Send your in your Rant or Rave (include the ingredients list for product reviews, please!)! Video reviews are very welcome as well! Please use the subject, “Review.”
  • GUEST BLOGGERS – If you maintain your own blog and would like to share a post on Curls2Envy, send the article, a link to your blog and a pic of yourself. If you don’t maintain a blog, but would like to submit an idea, send me a proposal. Please use the subject, “Guest Blog.”
  • QUESTIONS –  I will feature the questions on the QOTD (Question of the Day). I will try to answer as best as I can. However, this question is really for all of the readers. So, send me your most burning question! Please use the subject, “QOTD

So that’s it girls!! E-mail your Style Tutorials, Reviews, HairStories, Guest Blogs and Questions submissions to Curls2Envy@gmail.com (don’t forget to include pictures for non-video posts!!).

** The info above was inspired by Hairscapades. It was tweaked to my liking.

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