Product Review/First Impression: LBOS Butter

Lucretia’s Body Oils and Sprays

Hair & Body Butter


Lucretia is the owner of Lucretia’s Body oils and sprays. She has been recently experimenting with her body butter in her hair, and let me tell you she looks FAB!

Where can this be purchased? 

Price: 4oz $5.50 & 8oz $9.00

(This product was sent to me to review. Everything stated is my honest opinion )

Whats in it: ***This products does NOT contain the following: silicone, parabens, glycerin, protein, fragrance, phthalates,wax, propylene glycol, mineral oils, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, Synthetic color, or animal products and our products are not tested on animals*** Only a High grade Butter and carrier oils – Lucretia

^^ I trust her. enough said^^;)


My Thoughts

The pictures I post will definitely speak for themselves!

This butter has no smell to it (the scented ones are specifically for the body if I am not mistaken. I could be wrong so double check). The consistency is SUPER creamy but when you rub some in between your palms it literally melts.

I want to eat it!

I used this for 2 hairstyles.

The first hairstyle was a high bun on a 4 day old twist out.

Now we all know that once we wear a twist out, braid out or any style for a few days, no matter what product we use to get a decent  look our hair laughs at us. Well this time I did the laughing.

All I did was spray my hair lightly with water, rubbed a pea size of the LBOS butter in my hands, distributed it along the length of my hair, used a soft bristled brush to brush the hair into a high bun, wrapped a satin scarf over my head for 5 minutes and I was ready to go!

Look at that bun!

Look at that shine. Not only did my hair feel soft, it felt silky and non-greasy. I have never been able to achieve this with gel!!

I also used it as a sealant for a wash and go.

This was used like every other sealer I use, after a leave-in conditioner before a gel or styler

but this time I did not use gel because I wanted to see if the butter had any hold on its own.

Wet hair w/ leave-in & butter

The butter gives great shine

I whip my hair back and forth…lol

For this experiment, my leave-in conditioner of choice was Curl Junkie’s Smoothing lotion.


I got some definition w/ a light hold

My hair dried to a soft feel which is good but I prefer a stronger hold if I am going to be rocking a WnG. My curls tend to be all over the place. I know that this butter would be divine under any gel. It thick with a nice light finish.

air dried


Over all I am liking this multi tasking butter. I absolutely love it for my buns and will continue using it for them.  I will keep you guys update on how it reacts under one of my gels.

I gave half of the jar to my sister because she likes it for her dry skin. I like to apply it to my skin right out of the shower while my skin is still wet.  This butter comes in 100+ scents. I used to have the Viva La Juicy one which I would drool every time I opened the lid.

I have nothing bad to say about the LBOS butter. Both times it gave me a light, silky, smooth and soft finish.

Product Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

The butter is not the only thing I have tried from LBOS. I have made several purchases in the past. I learned about her product from Ateya’s YT videos a few years ago. After hearing her talking so highly about this company my sister and I had to check Lucretia out.

My first purchase was of body oils only.

I LOVE them. I will cut someone for trying to use them. lol

They smell true to the original and the scent last all day. These aren’t like those “flea market” body ma’am!

I had to buy my lil sister her own Viva La Juicy because she was using up mine.

I am set for a while

The scents above are J’adore, Ed Hardy, Pus*y, Kim Kardashian, Be Delicious, Issey Miyake, Unforgivable & my ♥ Viva La Juicy.

For my second order I ordered some African Black soap, Raw Shea Butter and more oils

( I don’t have pics because I used everything

The black soap and shea butter is quality in my book! The soap lasted me for a longgg time and dont get me started on the shea butter… I used it to make my own version of Naptural85’s shea butter mixture.

happy customer

All Lucretia’s products are top of the line and I’ve been telling her for a few years now that I will see her in a “big name” store soon. She just giggles.

So with that being said, GO check out her stuff. I promise you wont be sorry!!!

**To place an order visit –**

Like her FB page and tell her Curls2Envy (Val) sent you

> <


Have you used LBOS? I want to hear about it.

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  1. I have been buying Lucretia’s body butter for a while however the quality of product isn’t the same. The ingredients may be the same however the product doesn’t come well mixed anymore and certain butters aren’t as fragrant as they used to be.

  2. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!! Lucretia’s products are the best. I’m getting ready to place my BIG STASH right now; had to wait until my money hit my account…. LOL If there is anyone out there debating on whether to order or not, TRUST, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

  3. Ohhhhh & btw, your hair looks gorgeous! I love the soft curls

  4. Hmm, I’m confused, I thought companies had to list their ingredients. O_o What if someone is allergic to one of the ingredients? That alone would prevent me from trying this product line. Plus, there are many naturals who are ingredients-conscious. I happen to fit into both of these categories.

    • I understand your concern 100%. I am the same way since I am protein-sensitive. I am always checking ingredient labels to make sure that there isn’t any protein in them. She stated that she uses a butter and carrier oils. I think if she would’ve used anything besides that like silicone’s, proteins ect she would’ve stated it. I haven’t had any ill effects. The butter washed out perfectly, no residue feeling. If some one is concerned if a certain product is in it they can contact her directly. She is so sweet. I know that she doesn’t post exact ingredients because other people are trying to replicate it to sell as their own.. not cool. Ty! 🙂

    • I spoke to Lucretia personally over the phone and she stated that she will work on a description of what is in the butter and what isn’t, but she did state that this does not contain wax, paraben’s, nor silicone’s… Just butter and carrier oils. Once I receive the description I will update the post.

      • Thanks so much for checking! I really appreciate it.It totally sounds interesting and sorry, I missed where you said that it was only a butter and essential oils with nothing else added, so my mistake! :o)

      • 😉 No problem! I updated the post.

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