My Regimen

What works for me may not work for you.

**I do not use sulfates, silicones nor proteins in my hair**


-Wash 1x or 2x a week with a sulfate-free and protein-free shampoo, I wash in 2 sections

-Detangle hair in front of mirror with conditioner (saves water). I use a paddle brush for ends and a big tooth comb for my roots. I detangle in 8 sections, 2 sections in each quadrant

-Deep condition 1x a week with my Hair Therapy Wrap

-Put in leave-in conditioner (5 sections.. 2 in the back, 1 in the crown and 2 in the front)

-Seal with a oil or butter  ** I stop at this step if I want to achieve a twist out

-Rack and shingle gel in (for WnG)

-Apply finisher

-Diffuse for WnG and Air dry for twist out

– Protect hair at night by sleep in a Satin Bonnet


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