First Impression : Ebonnets by EboniCurls!!!!

I am super excited so let me get started….

Ebonnets by EboniCurls

Where can I purchase a Ebonnet?

Eboni sells her Ebonnets on her Etsy Store but please view her facebook page for more information on when she will be restocking!

Ebonnet Claim: Ebonnets are handmade with high quality Satin or double lined with Charmeuse Satin, which is made of extremely tightly bound satin threads that provides optimum retention of the hairs natural oils along with providing additional moisture on your hairs delicate strands. Charmeuse allows moisture to stay within the atsmosphere of the bonnet which results in soft healthy hair!

Prices:  $5 for Scrunchies ,$35 for regular Ebonnets, $45 for Double Lined Drawstring Ebonnets

(The ones I purchases were double lined)

also available $25 for pillow cases

+ shipping 🙂

The Scrunchies and Ebonnets come many different prints. You can choose what color you would like the double-lined lined with.

♥These items were purchase with my own money♥

My Goodies

My Package

I placed my order on July 9th and received my package today July 20th

Packaged nicely

Eboni wrote me hand written note…she is so sweet

Each Ebonnet was wrapped individually

I haven’t used this scrunchie yet but geez the elastic used is great. It feels very durable. It is bigger then how it appears is pictures.

Artistic Nights Scrunchie

This one I purchased for mami. I really like it… but I can keep it

eBonnet – Cocoa Blue

inside of ebonnet Cocoa Blue – solid blue

I feel sexy in this

eBonnet – Zebra large print

inside Zebra large print – Hot Pink

I really like this one!  Its so fun and colorful. I love the contrast of all the colors against that black background.

eBonnet- Artistic Nights

inside of Artistic Nights- Hot Pink

Now ladies…ladies..ladies.. Damask Nights!!!  This is ME.  and it goes perfect with my room!

eBonnet – Damask Nights

Look at that Pink!

inside of eBonnet Damask Nights – Hot Pink

My thoughts

Let me first start off by saying Eboni is the most sweetest business owner I have ever interacted with.  When I was in the madness of trying to order during rush hour* ( ya know what I am talking about LMBO) I accidentally ordered a extra Zebra eBonnet. I emailed her and was able to cancel that order. She called me on my cell to confirm my orders since they were all placed separately. I received my refund via PayPal withing hours… For me shipping was as expected, 14 days give or take. The quality of these bonnet are OMG nice! lol. I havent found a flaw yet. They are sewn very well. I got a size medium ( fits good and can be tightened). The colors are very vibrant. She will be coming out with new prints soon, so keep checking in on her FB page.

**This is all I have for now. I need to use them for at least a week and a half to give my honest review on the Scrunchie and Ebonnets.

Please visit Eboni on Facebook  and tell her Curls2Envy sent you!!

Loving how they look on me.

Sexy Sleeping Beauty! lol

Read my Final Review here.


Have you purchased a Ebonnet? Scrunchie? Pillow case? I want to know your thoughts!


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