Daily Devotional: Free of Shame

Free from Shame

“Let my heart be sound (sincere and wholehearted and blameless) in Your statutes, that I may not

be put to shame”  (Psalm 119:80 AMP)

Did you know the Word of God will protect you from shame and embarrassment? God’s laws, or statutes, were established for your good. God sent His Word to guide and protect you. When you follow His commands, you can be sure that you are making clear, sound choices. You can have confidence knowing that you are making the very best decisions.

When negative, accusing thoughts come, you have to know that those are not from God. They are from the enemy. In fact, the Bible calls him the “accuser of the brethren.” That means he’s trying to make you feel guilty, shameful and condemned. He’s trying to make you second guess yourself. But remember, the enemy is already defeated! Because of what Jesus did on the cross, you are free from shame! The enemy has no legal power over you unless you open a spiritual door to him. Keep the doors closed by submitting yourself to God and His Word. Ask the Lord to give you a whole and blameless heart to follow His commands. As you do, you will walk in His protection and guidance and live free from shame today and all the days of your life!


Father, thank You for Your Word which guides and protects me. Thank You for giving me the ability to make right choices according to Your Word. Give me a sincere and blameless heart that I may serve You all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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