Wearing my Twist in public. eek! I need help!

Hello ladies and gents.  This past whole week I had two strand twist in to achieve a twist out. I usually just keep them overnight and take them down when I go to work then next morning. Since I was free last week I didn’t mind. I have an issue though. I don’t feel like my twist are appropriate to be worn to work or especially to church since you can see my scalp (I am very light skinned). My hair isn’t the thickest so it makes my twist look thin exposing more of my scalp. If I pin them up into some sort of up-do, it just doesn’t look right.  I wish my hair was thicker/denser so more of the spaces between the twist would be filled ..(I hope that sounds right). I would like to be able to wear my twist either loose or pinned up without my bf calling me Snoop dog! Or without me looking like a Golem lol  O how I would like to rock some thick fat twist someday.

What I would LOVE…these arent mine..I wish!!!

Do you guys have any tips or tricks that can help me achieve a fuller twist look?


*** In this post I am referring to how “MY” hair looks and how Twist make “ME” look. I am in no way making fun of anyone. Just had to put that out there.


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  1. Do you twist on wet hair? My hair swells (and shrinks) more when I twist it while wet/damp instead of twisting it after it’s been blown out. Maybe that would work for you too. Also, instead of making small twists make them bigger by making less of them and using more hair for each twist. Finally, be careful not to make vertical and horizontal parts to avoid getting that “scalpy” look. If you make diagonal parts instead the twists will fall in a way that hides the parts. HTH!

    • Never thought about parting diagonally. I can picture it in my mind. I will sure try it for my next one. And yes I to twist on wet hair. I twist in smaller sections because I get more definition, but I love bigger ones because of the volume. Love big hair. Thank you xoxo – Val

  2. lauren jackson

    Hi there! First of all your twists look amazing so much length! I work at an office and so when i’m wearing my twists I usually either scoop it all up in a high bun with maybe a headband or something and that usually works for me. If I get sick of the high bun though I may wear my hair all to one side pinned.

    • Hello Lauren. The picture above are what I would like for my twist to look like.. Mine a thin and dingy lol.. Thank you for the tip. I will try doing medium twist next time into a bun.

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