Time for some Flat Twist…

Hello Ladies. I received my B.a.s.k  Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream earlier this week from the swap board on NaturallyCurly.com

I was super anxious to try it out for some twist. This in not a review for the Palm Tapioca (one will come at a later date once I’ve played with it some more)

Products used for this look:

B.a.s.k Palm Tapioca

Raw african shea butter

Shea Moisture Sheabutter leave-in

Original Moxie Hair Bling

First I washed and detangled my hair. I moisturized my hair with the B.a.s.k Palm Tapioca. I then put my hair in 8 fat twist to air dry.

I waited for my hair to be 70% dry before taking the fat twist down so I can put the flat twist in.

I put in 12 flat twist in total. 3 in the front, 2 above each ear and 5 in the back.

I rewet my ends and sealed with some african shea butter.


Look how plump & shiny they are!

I left my twist in for a total of 4 days.

Every other night I moisturized the twist with water and Sheamoistures shea butter leave-in and tied down with a sating scarf.

How I wore my hair on Tuesday for school

To take down the twist I took a pea size of the Original Moxie Hair Bling and spread it in my hands first then all over the twist to prevent frizz during the take down.

not fluffled yet

I carefully fluffed and picked out the roots with comb.

The end results are….drum roll please…

I love it

What I would’ve done different is:

1. Next time I will make sure to seal in the B.a.s.k with a butter/oil.

2. Make sure that the part in the back for the twist is not directly in the middle. ( I have a cowlick right in the middle so a part right on it makes it look like a bald spot)

3. Not wait so long to take the twist down.. maybe 2-3 max.

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  1. I am inspired to do this. I have NEVER flat twisted my hair as I have just learned how to french braid. I hope you don’t mind me trying this style.

  2. Love it! Instead of doing a gazillion twists when I wash today, I’m going to try this instead. I’m not great at flat twisting (yet), but I’m going to give it a go anyway! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Your very welcomed. I am not perfect at flat twisting either. I can do big sections but no small ones ( like for up do’s) Youtube has helped me ALOT with learning how-to techniques. xoxo

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