Bantu Knot out… to the side

1st attempt at this..

This Bantu Knot out was done on freshly washed hair. The products used where:

Leave-in: CJ smoothing lotion

Sealer : Oyin sugar berries pomade

 Styler: a tiny bit of koils by nature gel.

And shea butter to seal ends

… Medium bantu knots… About 4-5 in each quadrant so in total about 20-25 knots… Let them dry all the way. Take them down with some jane carter n&s to prevent frizz..Fluff… And bam. Lol

Take down

Look at the definition

Fluffed a lil bit

Front view

side view

right side view

end result

I am pleased.  Rocked it like this to church.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I agree, absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I will have to try bantu knots to the side.

  3. Very pretty! I’m going to try to do this style.

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